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Neil Jain

Hola Yulisa, we had an excellent tour to Trujillo! The hotel was amazing! The guide Pamela was very knowledgeable and showed us some great sights.

Thanks so much for organizing all of this for us!

Muchas gracias Julius Tours



July 15, 2014


I first used Julius Tours to coordinate our guests activities for our wedding about 6 years ago. We had guests traveling from Japan, Germany, Argentina and the United States. Julius Travel arranged a bus trip from Lima to Ica with a fly over of the "Lines of Nasca" for over 30 people, a trip to Cuzco and Machu Picchu for 25 people, as well as a trip to "El Señor de Sipán Museum" in Lambayeque and Chan Chan near Trujillo for 6 people. These were all optional tours for our guests and required complicated scheduling as many guests arrived and departed the country on different dates. We also had many last minute changes and additions. Everything was handled with professionalism, urgency and a sense of humor.
Needless to say we have used Julius Tours for our Peruvian travel arrangements ever since. Most recently Julius Tours arranged a last minute (Monday morning at 10:00 am with a same day departure at 2:30 pm) trip for three to Jauja and Tarapoto for two nights each with a return to Lima for one day to attend a wedding, and then another trip to Piura for 6 people for 5 nights. I could not believe that it could be fit in with our time restraints and the fact that we did not plan ahead. In addition we were late in traveling to the Jauja airport for our return flight to Lima which we needed in order to catch our next flight to Tarapoto. Ronald at Julius Tours called the airport to alert them of our situation. We arrived at the Jauja airport about 8 minutes before departure and the ticketing agent kept the flight open and we got our boarding passes and on the flight for an on time departure. It was truly amazing. I thought that we had missed the flight for sure.
All in all I heartily recommend Julius Tours for anyone traveling in Peru.

Robert Gerner
January, 2014


Seong Ho

Hi, I'm SeongHo.
Thanks to you and your tour company Julius Tours, our members all enjoyed our time in Peru.
And special thanks for your quick response to our request of transportation at our last day. Now is the time to return back to our normal life.
But Peru trip would be our precious memory.
It was really nice to see you.
from New York, Seong Ho.

Seong Ho
New York
January, 2014


Heinz and Angelika Splittgerber

When planning my 4 week trip to Peru for September/October 2013 I invited 4 travel agents based in Peru to quote for an itinerary, accommodation, local transport and tours selected by myself. In the end, I selected one travel agents, Julius Tours, based in Lima Miraflores and was not disappointed. Yulisa our travel adviser, attended to my numerous emails within 24 hours, where possible, and kept in touch with us by phone during our actual trip.
Based on my and my wife's personal experience I have no hesitation recommending Julius Tours to family and friends. Yulisa was of special assistance when my wife fell ill and I found it difficult to communicate with LAN regarding the change of one of our flights which was not part of the tour content booked with Julius Tours.

Heinz and Angelika Splittgerber
Sydney Australia
January, 2014


Dear Mr Ronald, I intended to write to you just after my coming back to Poland, but after three weeks of absence at work, I had to fulfill others urgent tasks. So I am sorry for this delay. Both of us, Jerzy and me, were delighted by the perfect organization you provided for our tour through Peru. There were so much to see and admire on our way! Unfortunately no Jerzy nor me are funs of taking pictures, so we have nothing what you could put in the web of Julius Tours. It's a pity. Nevertheless I made PR for you. My senior son Olgierd and his wife decided to visit Peru for about three weeks during the next Christmas and New Year period. I recommended them to copy our formula: fly individually to Lima after asking you in advance for taking care of their program in Peru. Hopefully he should contact you within a couple of weeks. Sincerely yours, Marian Dobrzynski

Marian Dobrzynski
march 06, 2013


Karine Tirry, Len Buggenhout and Nick Buggenhout

Dear Ronald,
I want to thank you for the organisation of our stay in Peru last 2 weeks. Everything was perfectly arranged : hotels, buses, taxis, excursions. We had to wait anywhere.
Thank you very much ¡Julius Tours!

Karine Tirry, Len Buggenhout and Nick Buggenhout
Brussels - Belgium
july 30, 2012


 Elizabeth y Don Alp

Hi Julio,

We had an amazing trip in Peru. From the time that we arrived, to the time that we left, everything was arranged so well for us that we never had to worry about anything. We highly recommend your services as they are so flexible and can be tailored to suit everyones needs. Our extra days in the jungle were fantastic and going to the clay lick was such a worthwhile experience. Yulisa also arranged an extra visit to Machu Picchu. It gave us plenty of time to explore the ruins. I can't praise Julius Tours enough for their outstanding services and am so happy that our friends told us about your company. I wouldn't hesitate to use their services again. Thank you Julio and Yulisa for everything.

Elizabeth y Don Alp
november 04, 2011


Carol Uggerslev (Karen, Krista and Kim) Canada

Thank you so much for the fantastic trip we 4 ladies had to Peru. It was great meeting you Julio, in Lima. All the guides, drivers, tours, etc. worked out extremely well with the times and plans all being as arranged. Our Lares Valley Trek worked out just fine for us and Jose was a great tour guide for us continuing on to Machu Picchu as well.
Jorge, our driver and guide in Lima, took us to a wonderful restaurant and then to the Main Square and the Barranco and Miraflores area as we requested. We all felt we had a wonderful time and will speak highly of you and your country to others in our part of the world.
Thank you for all the arrangements - we were very pleased with your travel agency. The people everywhere were so pleasant and kind to us.
Kindest regards, Carol Uggerslev (Karen, Krista and Kim)

Carol Uggerslev (Karen, Krista and Kim)
june 09, 2011


Jonas Palm y Johana Lopez

Hi Julio,
Thanks for sending our tour itinerary, we'll be sure to send it to our friends.
Attached are two photos of me and Johana on the end of the first day of this emotional and intense 12 days tour. We think that day 1 describes the fullness of our Peru experience. Starting in Lima, going to Paracas with a first-class bus to do the Ballestas Island Tour (which we loved), followed by a city tour and a visit to the regional museum in Ica, continuing with an adrenaline pushing buggy ride and sand boarding, and finally going to bed in Nazca to prepare for the coming 11 days. Impressive start :-).

We got everything, and more, that we expected and the tour set-up was instrumental in allowing us to do this much in such a short time. Our highlights were 1) Macchu Pichu, 2) Floating Islands, and 3) Sand buggy and sand boarding (Jonas) and Ballestas Island (Johana). Great value for money! Thanks again for your help and planning.

Best regards, Johana & Jonas

Jonas Palm y Johana Lopez
Costa Rica y Suecia
may 09, 2011


Richard y Erma Yaussy y Nancy y Don O’Brian

We had a great time on the trip that Julius Tours planned for us! We just told them what we wanted to see and how long we wanted to be gone and they put it all together for us. (The highlight, of course, was Machu Picchu!!)

Everything was meticulously planned. Their voucher system made everything go like clockwork. There was always someone to take us to the next stage of the journey. Transitions from plane to hotel, hotel to tour, hotel to bus station or airport, etc. were smooth.

Thanks, Julius!

Richard y Erma Yaussy y Nancy y Don O’Brian
november 05, 2010
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