Our tour to Ballestas Islands starts at 7:30 picking our clients up. Then we drive towards the Paracas Bay, edging the seashore of the Pacific Ocean, until we get to Paracas quay. During our trip, our local guide will give us a brief explanation about the city of Pisco and the economic importance of this fishing port.

Once we get the quay, we will board a yatch, which will take us offshore to visit the Ballestas Islands. During our trip, we will stop to see the enigmatic figure of the candelabro, an amazing design traced on the skirts of a mountain in Paracas bay. No one knows who made this figure or why. In fact, there are several hypotheses regarding how it was made; some people say it is related to Nazca lines, which is located 120 kilometres south, others attribute its construction to ancient pirates, who created it as a reference point to be guided when there was dense fog. Our captain will make a stop in front of the figure and our local guide will give us an explanation about it.

Then, we will continue towards the Ballestas Islands. Once we get to the Islands, we will see amazing marine scenery full of marine birds, penguins and sea lions. Then we will visit the surroundings of the islands, passing caves, rock formations and will see many other aquatic species.

Due to its semi-tropical location, it is a little hot. Thus, we recommend that you carry sun block and a cap to protect yourself from the sun’s rays. Once we have visited all the islands with our yatch, we will come back to the Paracas quay. Afterwards, we will come back to the Paracas quay. Finally, we will come back to the hotel in Lima at 11:00 am.

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