4 days / 3 nights


Day 1

Day 1

Arrival in Lima and transfer from the airport to the hotel.
Overnight at the hotel in Lima.

Day 2

Day 2

(09:15 am ) This excursion provides a perfect combination (pre-hispanic era, colonial period and modern Lima), and enables the visitor to get acquainted with Lima's complete history.
We will visit the Huaca Pucllana, a magnificent ceremonial and administrative center of Lima culture, built in the 4th century A.D. and considered by the Incas as Naupallaqta, a "Sacred Village".
We will show you the "Historical Center". Paseo de la Republica, San Martin Square, Main Square, Government Palace, Basilica Cathedral, The Archbishop's Palace, City Hall Palace, The Old Streets with colonial mansions and Moorish-style balconies.
We will also visit "the convent of San Francisco de Asis" the greatest monumental assembly of colonial art in America. The monk's choir and library; the vestry, with painting by zurbaran and Rivera; main cloister decorated with sevillian tiles from the 16th century; Moorish arches, and the famous "Catacombs", underground crypts from the colonial times.
The tour continues through the more traditional residential areas; El Olivar in San Isidro, with olive trees brought from Spain in the 17th century; Miraflores' Central Park, and "Larco Mar", a spot of international thematic attractions which offers a spectacular panoramic view of the Pacific Ocean - Larco Mar has became a distinctive symbol of modern Lima.

(18:30 pm) We start our tour at 18:30 pm visiting Parque de la Reserva where we can find the Magic Water Circuit. This fascinating spectacle has the recognition of the famous record Guinness for being the biggest public park of fountains in the world, and also has the highest fountain of the world in a public park (80 mts. high). This circuit has 12 ornamental cybernetic fountains and a marvellous spectacle of lights music and images, which play with the movement of the water in a perfect combination.

As a finishing touch there is the best Dinner Show in town, prepared and presented especially for you at a famous restaurant in Miraflores.
There, you will explore the best of Peru. You will enjoy its various and exquisite cuisine in a very delicious buffet, as well as a selection of the most culturally significant expressions of the coast and highlands which make our restaurant the most important restaurant with a deliciously Peruvian musical and folkloric show.
Overnight at the hotel in Lima.

Day 3: Cruising Yacht to Palomino Island

Day 3: Cruising Yacht to Palomino Island

We will be first holding a meeting wherein life vests will be checked and each handed out one, whereupon we'll be moving to the dock to board our ship. Once we have obtained the corresponding permit from Capitanía and the Coast Guard, we are now ready to set sail:

Sailing for Palomino Islands

Once on board our Cruise ship, which is properly equipped for long sailing trips, we will start our itinerary at the nearby group of Islands. As we bravely sail breaking the pounding waves of the Ocean, we will see unique, touching sites that will leave us pondering either on such for-granted things as freedom, life, home or the moving beauty of nature.

El Camotal

Once part of the old port-city of El Callao, currently covered by the relentless waters of the Ocean, as a result of the 1746 Earthquake. On low-tide days, you may observe some remains in this place ...

San Lorenzo Island

Four kilometers off-shore the El Callao bay, it is 8 km long by 2,5 km wide. Once the place of religious centers in pre-Columbian times, it became during the Colony a boneyard for seamen, pirates and corsairs. It later on turned into an appealing research place for men of science, including the great English scientist Charles Darwin. Currently made a military area, you'll be able to have a panoramic view of the island a we sail past.

El Fronton Island

About 7 km off-shore, it sticks out of the seas as a huge rock! You'll se there the remains of the eponymous old Penitentiary, besides listening to some of its countless stories and anecdotes.

Cavinzas Islands

Group of islands and islets with plenty of natural caves and caverns; it is the last guano harvesting site. Now, they are a natural paradise for seabirds such as pelicans, Peruvian boobies, guanays, red-legged cormorants, and a variety of gulls. They are also inhabited by Humboldt penguins, which may be occasionally seen.

Palomino Islands

Important group of islands; which nature seems to have deliberately turned into habitat and refuge for sea lions, as these huge, frolicsome, friendly animals thrive in these rocky Islands, with plenty of thrilling natural caves and caverns. In fact, if you are prepared, you may take a bath and a picture with sea lions in the background!
Return. Landing. Back to the dock. 

Day 4: Pachacamac Ruins

Day 4: Pachacamac Ruins

BARRANCO AND VILLA MARSHLANDS After a visit to Barranco, a neighborhood both traditional and bohemian, and its well-known Bridge of Sighs, we will tour the beaches along the Green Coast and the Friar’s Leap ledge over the ocean, the Ecological Reserve at the Villa Marshlands, with spectacular views of the Pacific Ocean along the South Pan-American Highway. Then we arrive to Pachacamac.

This fascinating temple is placed 30.00 km far from Miraflores. This is a sacred and ceremonial center of the beginning of the Christian era, to which thousands of pilgrims came to present offerings, and consults, the oracle of Pachacamac was able to see into the past and into the future to predict destiny.

Our guided tour to Pachacamac includes a visit to the pyramidal temples: the temples of the sun, and of the virgins of the sun which are parts of the archaeological complex. It also includes a museum on site where the idol of the god Pachacamac is kept.


  • Tourist bus.
  • Tours.
  • Professional English speaking guide.
  • Entrance fee.
  • Dinner show.
  • 03 night accommodation in a 03* hotel in Lima + breakfast.
  • Transfer airport/hotel/airport.
  • Tax and service.

DEPARTURE: from Monday to Saturday.
PRICE: US$360.00 

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