Julius Tours E.I.R.L. referred below as The Agency acts as an organizer for trips and excursions by the Traveler. Operator refers to a supplier or company or companies in the destination who handles services such as transfers, tours, hotel accommodation and sometimes meals.

The Agency will organize and manage for the traveler's benefit, travel programs which may include the different Kinds of activities and services for touirists in Peru set forth in clause 6 of Supreme Decree Nº 037-2002-MITINCI, guaranteeing the authenticity of the given information and suitability of the contracted services.

The Traveler, after agreeing with the services offered shall pay the agency the total amount established for the selected program.


The amount agreed is the total price for the said services expressly described and detailed. Prices are established following the demand and supply market in Peru.

The rate established is per person and includes all applicable taxes. Additional services not included in the contracted program shall be requested and paid in advance by the Traveler. The Agency has no responsibility for the performance or failure of such additional services due to anticipation and observance of the scheduled program.


The travelers luggage and other belogings are not subject of this contract and they shall be transported at his/her own risk. The Agency is not responsible for any accident, theft, loss or damage of the Traveler's luggage or his/her personal belonging during the performance of the program.

In this sense, we shall recommend the traveler to pay special attenntion to his/her belongings and the use of the hotel's safety box if available.


It is Travelers responsibility to ensure his complying with all the visa and health requirements of the country. The agency can not be held liable for any illness, delays or costs resulting from the traveler's failure to meet this requirements. The Traveler shall take with him permanenty the necesary travel documents visas, permits, vaccination certificates, etc. If not please consult the respective consulates.


The traveler won’t be able to change itinerary already programmed and paid. If he want to do it, the traveller should talked to the Travel Agent, and this is subject to the availability.

Every refund order will be assisted immediately and they must be requested in writing, including all the pertinent information. The refund check wiil be mailed within two weeks of cancellation.
  • All cancels and refund shall be sent on a written document which must include the most important information, so that they will be addressed immediately.
  • If cancellation is received within 30 days before the arrival date in Peru or the beginning of the hired services, the total payment will be refunded. This does not included the administrative expenses, and flight tickets.
  • If cancellation is received within 29 to 16 days before the arrival date in Peru on the beginning of the hired service, the refund will suffer a penality of the 50% of the agreed price, excluding flight tickets.
  • No refund will be given if the cancel is received within 15 days before the arrival date in Peru or the beginning of the hired service.
  • If there is a last minute purchase of a tour and it is afterwards cancelled it will not be refunded.
  • The walkover of (a) passenger (s) will give place to the total lost of the hired service and no refund will be given.
  • Likewise, if the hired services are cancelled during the tour, itself, no refund will be given. Certain services might be interrupted or even cancelled due to weather conditions or disturbances, these are out of the control of the hotels, airlines, service suppliers or Julius Tours or its partners and no refund will be given as a result of them since such interruptions and beyond our control.
  • There isn’t any refund for cancellation of the Inka Trail, before or during the Trip. Flight and bus tickets are not refundable.

The agency or tour operator and/or service provider have full absolute discretion to cancel or shorten the duration of any tour in the event of force majeure, hostilities, strikes, natural disasters, governments decisions, accidents, or other circunstances beyond the control of the agency which render it necesary in the agency's reazonble opinion that such steps be taken. The agency shall be relieved from all liabilities and obligations. In the event of strickers, delays or cancellations of flights, the agency won't assume maintenance, lodging neither tranfers expenses.


The agency acts only as organizer of the tour program and don't assume responsabilities for accidents, illnesses, damage, losses, involuntary delays, derived by causas or force major as natural disasters or from acts of God, as welll as for and act of negligence on the part of companies or individuals involved in the air or terrestrial transport, accommodation or provision of other service described in this program not operated directly by the agency. The agency reserve the right of accepting or refusing or retaining any person or member of the group in some of its expeditions.


This agreement shall be governed by and construed in accordance with peruvian laws.

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