Gilles Godon

bonjour mlle Julius.

We thank you for everything you have manage for us. all things were perfect,

again thanks a lot "Julius Tours".

Gilles Godon


Canada, Marzo 2016


 Silvia Csakvariova

Dear Julius,

My boyfriend Tomas and me would like to thank you for arranging for us the
most amazing holiday we had together so far. We had a time of our lives and
this is inevitably also thanks to you!!

The whole trip was perfectly organized and meticulously calculated into
every detail. We are very greatful that despite our numerous initial changes
in our itinerary, you always kept a good mood :-))
and that you were able to adjust to various unforeseen circumstances that changed some fragments of
our itinerary. You gave us professional advice in any possible topic we
asked about and we gained such trust and confidence, that we knew we could
rely on you 100% and we didn't need to worry about anything throughout our
trip. And indeed, the whole itinerary was flawless and trouble-free!! :-)

In every city/village/station there was someone waiting for us to pick us
up. All the tours which you arranged for us were performed by highly skilled
tour guides and we had great fun. We got to know a lot about Peru, we gained
a lot of knowledge, we tried various foods, drinks, we learned about your
culture, history, etc.

We can highly recommend your travel agency to anyone who is thinking of
visiting Peru. You are able to tailor each itinerary to the needs of any
individual client, based on their requests and expectations and this makes
you an outstanding travel agency. Ronald, your expertese is legendary, and
your knowledge in this area of your work is simply invaluable! :-)

We cannot stop thanking you for being super patient with us when building
our itinerary to match all our needs or to accomodate any changes quick
enough when some circumstances changed around our trip.

Many many thanks to you and to Julius Tours!
Visiting Peru was our dream
and you helped us to make it happen. Our dream came true !!!

Your very satisfied clients,

Silvia and Tomas :-))


Slovaks, Dic.2015


 Alex and Belinda Choi

Hi Julius Tours

We appreciate it very much with the service provided by your tour company and we enjoyed most of our trip very much. Just a note to thank you for arranging our trip from Lima/Nazca/Ica/Cuzco/Arequipa/Colca Canyon/Lima. We especially appreciate the tour guide and the driver in Arequipa, whom have been taking us from Arequipa to Colca Canyon and return. They are professionals. One incident shown this: a riot was almost executed on the day we would be leaving for Colca Canyon, we received a call from the guide that the journey might be on schedule if we could start at 4:30 am in the morning. We were shock to receive a phone call during our dinner and felt it was a bit unreasonable though we had no choice to accept it. But before we went to sleep, we received another call that the riot would be cancelled and the pickup could be at 6:00 am as planned. I really appreciate the guide and the driver have been following the incident and they have to spend time and effort to make us feel the best comfortable as possible. Thanks to both of them. Lastly, we also thank Ronald and the manager arranging our freshening up upon arrival back to Lima from Arequipa so as we are not too dusty to catch the plane back to Toronto. I recommend Julius Tours and will consider using Julius Tours when we go to the northern Peru in the future trip there. Cheerios!

Alex and Belinda Choi
Hong Kong, Oct. 2015


Mahendra Patel

Hello Ronald,

Just a short note to thank you that the tour arrangements that you made for me for Lima/Iquitos/Amazon Boat trip and Lodge/Return to Lima same day, went very smoothly and was an unforgettable experience.

Thanks you for your assistance Julius Tours !

Best Regards

Mahendra Patel


E-mail: minoo@sympatico.ca

April, 2015


Kwan Ho Tsang

Hola Julius,

Many thanks for arranging the wonderful trip in Peru for me covering the interesting places that I always wanted to visit.

My appreciation also goes to a tour guide in Machu Picchu who has spent more than three hours with us. All along the trip, he has explained in details the history of the place, myths of the mountains, the flora and fauna. In addition, he has demonstrated professionalism and great care to all tour members, in particular the aged, making the hiking experience more memorable.

Thanks you very much " Julius Tours ".

Best regards.

Kwan Ho Tsang

KH Tsang [mailto:kwanho.tsang@gmail.com]

March, 2015.


John and Irene Pietras

I was very impressed with the service provided by Julius Tours In Lima,
especially Ronald with a trip we booked to Cusco and Machu Picchu
This was a great experience for my wife and myself. The service providers
in Cusco should be commended for their excellent service and we will
recommend your company to our friends.

Thank You

John and Irene Pietras


Febr. 16, 2015


Andrea Rotheneder

Gruesse aus Peru!! Julius Tours

Wir machen eine imposante Reise durch ein riesen Land!

Es geht uns praechtig!!

Austria Jan. 09 2015

andrea y noah


 trip to Peruvian Jungle  serge bahuchet


Ronald everything went perfectly, each step was very well connected with the other. Thank for this perfect organization Julius Tours. Trip, accommodation and food were very good, and the visits were very interesting. The guide you provided for the market at Iquito was very efficient.

Thank you very much Julius Tours

best regards

serge bahuchet


Nov. 03, 2014


Judy Wray

My husband Laszlo Krisch and I just returned from a 5 day Selva tour. First morning home I want to tell you how happy we are with the tour. The people make a place! At the Lodge we were met with kindness, promptness, generosity. I am happy with the lack of electricity and internet service. We got out to play! Climbing, swimming, exploring. The food was wonderful! The entire experience is something we will treasure and share! Thank you Julius Tours!

Tepoztlan, Morelos, Mx

2014, September 27


Dick Peters and Carin Zandbergen

We have been travelling in Peru for three weeks; one week we stayed in Lima to meet our daughter. We are greatful about the way you organised our tour in Peru. Everything was very well
organised; all our taxis and busses were on time and the hotels were great! We enjoyed and
wil remember places like Machu Picchu and many other places. We spend three wonderful weeks in this amazing country and we highly recommend Julius Tours to everyone who like to go to Peru.

names: Carin Zandbergen and Dick Peters
country: Netherlands
town: Tilburg
visit Peru Set 2014
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